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Aryana Kabab and Grill Restaurant

Fashioned in the most amiable way, our restaurant is one of finest places in town to enjoy a wholesome meal and chase some memorable moments with family and friends.
Our chefs here, at Aryana Kabab & Grill, are talented and blessed with the art of cooking different cuisines with unparalleled perfection. Their competence and our knowledge, when combined together present you with the finest of Afghan delicacies and bring down the taste and splendour of Afghanistan here on American land.

Located at a strategic location in New Jersey, the enthusiastic food lovers can easily visit our restaurant and try a new cuisine this time. We are always ready to serve the guests and provide them a one of a kind culinary experience.
Not only do we serve in-house, but we have also ventured into catering business so that you can have an authentic Afghani dinner at home or a thriving party and please your guests with our delicious meal.
Lastly, it will be only fitting to say that we believe in the rich culture and traditions of Afghanistan and therefore we believe that you, our guests are our prestige. So, we make sure that once you enter our restaurant you are welcomed with a warm atmosphere and presented with an ambience that's filled with aromatic Afghani cuisines, which are prepared with the optimum amount of spices and ingredients!

Our Menu

The menu here is designed such that the Afghan cuisine enthusiasts are not left out with any unfulfilled choice and are fully satiated with an extremely fulfilling culinary experience. Our menu is diverse, all-inclusive and lists every Afghan item that is a must have to feel the taste, culture, and richness of the beautiful nation, Afghanistan.

So, step into our little, amiably fashioned Afghan house and treat your taste buds with:

  • Kababs

    Served with Afghani bread, rice and salad, kababs in our house are prepared with utmost authenticity and will surely deliver you a pleasing culinary experience. You can relish a variety of kababs here, from lamb kababs to chicken and more..!

  • Tikkas

    Tikka is one of the essential items of Afghan cuisine. Enjoy the original taste of Afghani tikkas in our little abode and feel as being you are transported to the mysterious land of Afghanistan itself. Also, we present you a range of tikkas to choose from for your extreme gastronomical experience.

  • Koftas

    Kofta is one of those stuffed delicacies that melt in your mouth and fill your palate with a creamy, spicy, tantalising taste.

  • Appetisers

    Bolani, fries and more, appetisers in our house are not just delicious but they surely will make space in your growling stomach for more of our wonderful dishes!

  • Burgers

    Then again, a munch-on and original American snack never go out of fashion. So, we present this as well!

  • Gyro

    Come and experience the taste of this uniquely Afghani delicacy if you desire to try your hand a completely different cuisine this time!

  • Desserts & So Much More!

    No meal is complete without a sweet dish and so Afghan meals too have a variety of desserts in their bag of goodies.

So, embark in our home of Afghan delicacies and treat your taste buds with authentic Afghan cuisine and feel satiation creep in your senses with every bite!

Our Menu

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Aryana Kabab & Grill

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