About Aryana


With a tinge of spices and heart full of sweetness,Aryana Kabab & Grill originated recently. Established in early 2017, this little food outlet offers New Jersey an escape to the gorgeousness of Afghan and serve the city with authentic Afghan delicacies.

We are a little food hub located at just at the most accessible location in New Jersey, Hamilton to provide the Jerseyans an easy escape route to the rich cuisine of Afghanistan. Our aim is to offer America the taste of Afghan and fuse the cultures together by infusing the taste of Afghan delicacies on the American palates.

Our menu is diverse and all inclusive, listing every Afghan delicacy one could think of. From a variety of kababs in a gamut of authentic Afghan desserts, one can treat its taste buds with just the finest of dishes and get transported to a country unexperienced.

Aryana Kabab & Grill is not a restaurant, rather it is a home where each and every guest is treated with the noble hospitality of Afghanistan and treated with utmost respect and care. Here the chefs are talented and never leave a stone unturned in pleasing the taste buds of guests embarking upon this little food outlet to drench in the taste of Afghan.

Lastly, we make sure that every guest here goes out with a stomach filled with scrumptious delicacies and a heart filled with unrivalled satisfaction and that the palate of our customers long to return here with the taste of our dishes lingering on it for a long long time!

Afghan Delicacies Restaurant in NJ
Local Food Outlet in Hamilton Township, NJ
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